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Monday, March 21, 2005




Showtime’s Hit Original Series “Queer As Folk” is coming to an end after five fabulous years. That means five years of fabulous clothing, fabulous furniture and fabulous just about everything! Brian, Michael, Justin, Ted, Emmett, Melanie, Lindsay, Ben and Debbie are having a sale – everything they’ve owned can be yours.

Over the course of five years, the Queer As Folk set department has acquired an enormous amount of fantastic items that must now be sold. Top of the line appliances, fixtures, and housewares are all available. We have dozens of drapes and full sets of bedding, all practically new. Consider our large ensemble of characters, and you can imagine the amount of furniture and props to be sold. Everything has been kept immaculately. And, of course, everything has loads of style.

“Queer As Folk” featured quite possibly the most stylish ensemble of characters ever put together on screen. Now, their style can be yours. With his wardrobe comprised of several top designer labels, Brian’s ‘hand-me-downs’ are not the sort of thing you’d usually find at a used clothing sale. Perhaps your taste runs a little more towards the flamboyant. In that case, you know Emmett never left the house, or his room, without looking FABULOUS, and now neither will you. There’ll be plenty of clothing for the women as well. Lindsay and Melanie have been chic, elegant, and stylish for five years. Debbie’s had her stylin’ moments as well, along with a mountain of raucous T-shirts. Michael, Justin, Ben and Ted all have fantastic cast-offs to contribute. They are gay, after all.

“Queer As Folk” made television history with its frank and outrageous portrayal of gay life in Pittsburgh. Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of this historic Series. You could take home one of Justin’s beautifully hand-drawn sketches, some of Debbie’s wonderfully peculiar knick-knacks, or the artwork from one of Brian’s memorable Ad Campaigns. These, and so many more authentic items that have appeared on screen will be sold.

Information provided by:
Amy C.
Production Assistant
QAF V Productions Ltd.

NEW: From the March 20th Toronto Sunday Star - "Queer As Folk props for sale" - The hit TV series Queer As Folk is coming to an ened after five years and its set department is holding a giant sale to get rid of all the objects acquired over the years. The cash-only sale is to be held April 2 and 3 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at 601 The Queensway E. in Mississauga. Showtime, which produced the series on gay life in Pittsburgh, plans to sell applicances, housewares, drapes, "full sets of bedding, all practially new," and of course clothing worn by the characters of Brian, Michael, Justin, Ted, Emmett, Melanie, Lindsay, Ben and Debbie. Sketches by Justin and "wonderfully peculiar kinck-knacks" owned by Debbie will also be offered.




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